Kika good hair in an orange red body con dress


For those who know, the name Kika Osunde is synonymous with good hair thus the nickname kika good hair.  Kika good hair is the beautiful twenty nine year old who is the co-founder of Good Hair Limited. Good Hair Limited is a premium hair and beauty brand which Kika good hair started with her good friend, Chioma good hair in London.

Kika good hair was born and raised in a family of 4 in the UK. Kika good hair also met her friend and co-founder of Good Hair Limited while they were both students in Birmingham. Kika good hair and Chioma Ikokwu’s match seemed to be a friendship made in heaven as they both shared a passion for beauty and maintaining good hair anda flawless appearance. When kika good hair and chioma good hair found that they have a lot in common, before you could say ‘lace wig’ Kika good hair and Chioma good hair had teamed up to found Good Hair Limited. This was in 2010 and Kika good hair was twenty two.

kika good hair slaying almond blue dress with chioma good hair

Winning in business never affected other important parts of her life, as Kika good hair completed studies and obtained a second class-upper-degree in Business and Marketing. Combining her (kika good hair) business and marketing education with her love for all things glitz and glamor, Good Hair Limited was the natural result. According to kika good hair, other people admiring her impeccable hair pieces brought up the idea to turn what was a lifestyle into a viable business.

The Good Hair Limited co-founded by Kika good hair has recorded unprecedented success internationally. Their (kika good hair and chioma good hair) products are patronized and ordered in Nigeria, the UK, other parts of Europe, America, Australia and South Africa. Good Hair Limited’s hair pieces have been spotted on several celebrities including Rihanna, Toke Makinwa and Naomi Campbell. There is no gainsaying that the seeming small venture Kika good hair started with her friend Chioma good hair so many years ago in London has proven to be a runaway success internationally.

kika good hair smiles her way into our heart with chioma good hair


Kika Osunde Known as Kiks or Keeks by her close friends or Kika good hair by customers and fans. Kika good hair is not an uptight businesswoman. In her (kika good hair) own words; fun, warm, fashionable and vibrant are the best words to describe her (kika good hair). Kika good hair is a much seen presence in the society and at industry events along with her friend and business partner, Chioma good hair. Most recently kika good hair caused a positive ruckus and turned heads at the Arise Fashion Week and supermodel Naomi Campbell’s book signing in Lagos. Also, Good Hair Limited was the official hair partner of Arise Fashion Week.


Kika good hair might be known for good hair products as her unofficial nickname Kika Good Hair suggests, but she leads in other spheres as well. Most notable about Kika good hair is her top notch sense of style and fashion. Kika good hair leads the pack when it come to the latest trends and styles, and how to pull them off with effortless grace. Be it corporate wear, dresses, traditional styles or jeans and denim, Kika Good Hair definitely sets the fashion pace whenever she steps out.

kika good hair slays in angel white laces


In a time when there is a dearth of worthy role models for young ladies, Kika Osunde (aka kika good hair) is indeed a breath of fresh air. She is an educationally accomplished, socially relevant and undeniably successful business woman with first class beauty and fashion sense to boot. So ladies, if you’re looking for a strong accomplished female to root for, look no further. Put your money on the girl of the moment, Kika Osunde (aka kika good hair). visit for more about her brand Good Hair Ltd.