World over, the narrative of women tearing other women down is gradually changing and the CEOs are not left out! Since the COVID-19 lockdown began, the CEOs, Miss Chioma Ikokwu who is also known as Chioma good hair and Miss Kika Osunde who is also called Kika good hair have both been up and doing and making lemonade out of an otherwise lemons situation.

As stated in earlier articles, ”What the CEOs are up to” and Keeping Up With Kika (KUWK)”. Apparently, they’re not stopping anytime soon. In this episode, of ”What the CEOs have been up to”, there’s even bigger and better news.

In partnership with The Women International, four startup businesses owned by women will be financially assisted to grow their business! Yes!  This a courtesy of Brass and Copper, Good Hair Ltd, Style Temple, and Ozinnadotcom.  

Each one of these ladies ( our CEOs included), will be assisting one lucky ” Fempreneur”. So if you think you’re a possible candidate you can head on to the Instagram pages of Miss Chioma Ikokwu @chiomagoodhair, and Style Temple, @og_styletemple, leave a comment stating what you do and why you need the token capital to fund your business.

Every entry will be vetted thoroughly and, winners will be picked. You might get lucky! Also, follow our CEOs on Instagram and snapchat @chiomagoodhair and @kikagoodhair, to learn more about what they have been up to.