Good Hair Limited (owned by kika & chioma) is the quintessential hair and beauty company started and run by friends and business partners, Chioma Ikokwu and Kika Osunde. With Good Hair Limited, Chioma Ikokwu and Kika Osunde are devoted to offering the highest quality of human hair extensions and lace systems to women of all ethnic origins around the world who are keen about quality.

The co-CEOs of Good Hair Limited, Kika Osunde and Chioma Ikokwu, have stated that their product offerings consist of a wide range of 100% virgin human extensions directly procured from their respective countries of origin. Because the Good Hair ladies provide nothing but the most natural, healthy looking, cuticle aligned and unprocessed virgin hair, they have generated sustained demand from a wide range of women with varying hair textures.

While fielding questions from new customers in their Lagos Good Hair boutique, Kika Osunde and Chioma Ikokwu said that the major differentiator between Good Hair Limited and other competing hair brands is that they physically travel to the various countries where their hair extensions originate from and hand pick donors to ensure that none of their products are chemically treated or manipulated in any way.

While Kika Osunde’s and Chioma Ikokwu’s Good Hair Limited have physical boutique/salons both in London, UK and Lagos, Nigeria, they serve customers from all over the world. Due to this reason, Chioma and Kika set up their online store with which anyone can order products from anywhere in the world and get same safely and timely shipped and delivered.

When ordering hair products from Chioma Ikokwu has stated that the first two things to ascertain are the required hair color and hair density.

Hair color

CEO Kika Osunde assures of the guarantee that all Good Hair Limited’s hair extensions and lace are 100% virgin and only come in their natural color.However, hair color variations for products on offer at the Good Hair online storevary and you have to be sure exactly which color you want.

Offerings include; 1B (off black), 1 (jet black), 2 (dark brown), 4 (medium brown), 6 (light brown), 8 (chestnut), 27 (strawberry blonde), 30 (light auburn), 33 (dark auburn), 60 (bleached blonde), 613 (light blonde), 99 J (red wine), 4/27 (medium brown/strawberry blonde), 6/613 (light brown/light blonde), red and ombre blonde.

Head measurement

Kika Osunde says that once you’ve decided which color you’re going with, next thing necessary is to measure your head.

Tool: A tape measure (in inches) to determine your cap size for a Full Lace System. Frontals and Closures do not require measuring as one size fits all.


  1. Circumference: Measure all around your head. Make sure the edge of the tape measure follows the hairline around the head and nape of the neck.
  2. Front to nape: Measure from your hairline at the centre of your forehead straight back over crown to centre of your hairline at the nape of your neck.
  3. Ear to across forehead: At the front of your ear, measure from your hairline at the base of your sideburn, up across the hairline along forehead to the same point in the front of the other ear.
  4. Ear to over the top of head: Measure from your hairline directly above the ear across the top of your head to the hairline directly above the other ear.
  5. Temple to temple (round the back of head): Measure from temple to temple across the back of your head.
  6. Nape of neck: Measure the width of your hairline across the nape of the neck.

Use the table below to determine your cap size. 

Hair density

Chioma Ikokwu chips in that the next important factor to consider is your hair density. According to her, to get the most natural look you should choose a density similar to your own.

The type of hair used and how it is styled may determine the hair density you settle for. Example, wavy and curly hair expands when combed out and appear thicker while light densities are not advised for straight hair textures as it has less volume and fullness.

However, you can specify two different densities for different parts of the cap. Chioma Ikokwu’s recommendation is “medium-heavy” (120% to 150%) density as it is more durable and can last up to 8 months with good maintenance and care. The most natural looking densities are “light” and “light-medium” (80% to 100%) which are cool for special occasions but ill-suited for everyday use since the hair naturally fades after grooming.

The density chart below will act as a guide.

Once you’ve sorted out hair color, head measurement and hair density, you’re ready to order. Just proceed to the ‘ORDER’ tab on, fill in the form and place your order.

Please note that orders for delivery within the UK are charged at 12 pounds and sent by Royal Mail. Delivery time is next day guaranteed for orders received before 4pm. And international orders for delivery outside the UK are are charged at 25 pounds and sent by Royal Mail Air sure. Delivery time is between 5 to 7 working days.

The co-CEOs of Good Hair Limited, Chioma Ikokwu and Kika Osunde, are committed to their promise of providing the best quality hair products to the discerning woman wherever she might be in the world. So, by all means, order away!