Chioma ikokwu sitting with poise in black suite jacket, blond fringe hair, scarf around her neck. The room decorated with a beautiful two female pattern paints

Anyone who has an eye on the beauty industry must have heard about Chioma Ikokwu, the beautiful and sharp witted co-founder of Good Hair Limited. Chioma Good Hair as she is fondly referred to by her customers and fans has been hugely successful in her venture with friend and business partner, Kika Osunde. Together they have grown their hair and beauty company from the obscurity of their dorm room to the international brand of repute that it is today.

Much has been written about the lovely good hair ladies, celebrating and extolling their unprecedented success in business, their relevance in society and the dynamic duo’s svelte sense of fashion and style.
Today I caught up with the flawless and ever smiling Chioma Ikokwu to take a peek into her world. Chioma Good Hair was gracious enough to grant us courteous audience and of course the questions I rattled off were met with graceful and sincere answers. I could not help but admire her great (not just good) hair, her glowing skin and wonderful makeup.
Being the perpetually curious person that I am, I could not help but ask her a few questions about her beauty regime. Here are the excerpts;
Q: I cannot help noticing how fabulous your hair is. How do you take care of it?
C: (chuckles daintily) Oh thank you so much for the compliment. Right now, I have decided to go natural with my hair even though it is not how I usually keep it. Also, I am not so good at the natural hair thing but I make sure to wash and deep condition my hair every two week.
Also, I get a deep scalp treatment every other month. For my natural hair grooming, I like to use Keracare products. Keracare are kind of like my favourite when it comes to maintaining my natural hair but I sometimes also use Syntonics. So yeah, Keracare and Syntonics it is.
Q: How about you skin, what is the famous Chioma Good Hair’s super-secret skin routine?
C: Hahahahahaha, there is actually no secret. Skin wise, black soap is what I use and it is really good especially for those who have oily skin. Vitamin C serum is also a very good product to have because it repairs, moisturizes and protects your skin. I personally use Obagi Vitamin C serum and any natural black soap.
Q: Tell me about your makeup preferences and techniques.
C: Makeup wise, I prefer Nars products and the Nars concealer is absolutely amazing. I favour the Armani foundation. Even though it is not so popular, it is actually very good and brings a very light finish that is not too thick on the skin. The Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel is probably the best eyeliner ever created. It is really dark, water resistant, and stays on once applied. You literally cannot wipe it off unless you use an oil based remover.
Q: Do you workout? Because you actually look amazing!
C: (Big laugh) You wouldn't believe it, but I really don’t. To be honest, I’m not very healthy. I do not workout but I do try to drink as much water as I can. I however eat healthy most times, and then I don’t eat healthy sometimes (chuckles again). So I will eat a salad but then I would also have deserts because I unabashedly love ice-cream, Yoghurt, cake, chocolate and all that!